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I practice AcroYoga, handstands, mobility, acrobatics and floorwork in and around Copenhagen, Denmark. I offer coaching in any of these skills and teach workshops and events. You are welcome to reach out for 1:1 coaching or to book me for a private event (bachelorette’s party, birthday, group coaching) at hello @ camillamia . com

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1:1 Coaching

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What are you interested in?

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I teach Acroyoga, which is a combination of partner acrobatics and yoga. Acro yoga is a combination of the cooperation and connection from partner acrobatics & the presence of yoga. It is a form of movement, where you develop your ability to trust other people, your own body awareness, strength, flexibility, and balance. It all takes place in a safe and fun way (smiles and laughs guaranteed!) while you get close to other people!

Acroyoga pose throne by Camilla in Copenhagen


Camilla Mia balancing on her hands in a yoga pose.


I teach handstands because even though handstands can be a part of the yoga practice, handstanding is such a complex skill to master that it can easily be taught as a separate discipline. There’s so much empowerment, joy and self-confidence to be found on the road to mastering different types of handstands and that’s why I love to teach them so much! The physical strength you develop on the journey to your first handstand also becomes strength of mind as you challenge your fears and self-limiting beliefs in the handstand practice.


crow pose from yoga


I teach Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga although primarily Vinyasa. Vinyasa yoga is a type of flow yoga where movement and breath are linked together. You will in vinyasa yoga flow through the yoga poses at the pace of your own breath. The yoga sequences are often creative, fluid, and sometimes challenging. There will be opportunities to expand your comfort zone by trying out inversions or arm balances but the class will also include elements of slow, calm movements and deeper, restorative stretches.

Movement Background

200h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher – Bodhi Yoga Academy, July 2018

30h Yin Yoga – Yogini Yoga, September 2018

6h Handstands – Yuval Ayalon, September 2018

20h Mobility – Level Op, April 2019

30h Transformative Sequencing – The Yoga Flat, May 2019

175h Partner Acrobatics & Acro Yoga – Partner Acrobatics, August 2019

12h Mindful Strength – Kathryn Bruni Young, November 2019

40h Functional Movement – Marcus Grandjean+Morten Vinther, Juli 2020

40h Parkour, Movement, Dance – Martin Kallesøe, August 2021

8h Flow Acrobatics – Kenan Dinkelmann, September 2021

6h Handstands – Mikael Kristiansen, October 2021

16h Modern Methods of Mobility – Emmet Louis, March 2022

200h Standing Acrobatics – Pitch Catch Circus, October-November 2022

Teaching Experience