Hi, I’m Camilla.

I’m here to help you find a way to practice yoga or handstands that feels good to you – a way that cultivates more joy, empowerment and self-confidence in your life.


A bit more about me

I am a yoga, handstand, and acro yoga teacher, and I help big-hearted humans find more empowerment, self-compassion and joy in their lives through the regular practice of yoga. I truly believe that building strength and mobility on the yoga mat can help us feel so much more capable, free, and happy both on the yoga mat but more importantly out in our real lives too.

I’m based in Copenhagen, Denmark where I’m currently studying the final semester of my Physiotherapy degree (done in June 2024!) alongside a masters degree in Osteopathy (I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to all things science, anatomy, mind & movement!). Starting a regular practice of yoga based movement, meditation, and self-reflection has helped me find purpose, empowerment and self-compassion in my life. I want to help others discover that for themselves too.

When I’m not doing (or teaching!) yoga, handstands, acro yoga and movement or geeking out on books related to all things movement, spirituality and psychology, you’ll find me spending time with the people I love, or planning out my next adventure to come.

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Where are you in your movement practice?

Camilla doing a crescent lunge yoga pose outside in the nature

I have the desire to make it happen, I’m a few weeks in (or just getting started) and I just don’t know where to begin:

crow pose from yoga

I’m a few months or years in and my yoga practice is happening, but I still feel wobbly and want to grow:

straight line handstand to deepen your yoga practice

I’m itching to take my practice upside down and to face any fears or self-limiting beliefs that may be holding me back:


My Story

I started yoga in 2015 by going to classes a couple of times a month. I didn’t immediately fall in love with the yoga practice, I actually felt rather bored with it. At this point in my life I was not very self-confident. I didn’t feel great in my own skin and I was constantly experiencing my self from the outside-in – defining myself from what other’s would think about me.

One day I went to a yoga class that really spiked my interest and my joy for the yoga practice! It was a vinyasa flow yoga class. I’d never before experienced how creative, explorative, flowy, and empowering yoga could be. I’d thought yoga was sun salutations and standing rather rigidly in different postures. This class was nothing like that and it inspired me to practice yoga more regularly. In 2017 I started a yoga self-practice at home alongside going to classes.

Camilla Mia


So what changed?

Through yoga I slowly started to build a body awareness that I had completely lacked before. I started actually tuning in to how I felt in my body, experiencing myself from the inside-out (noticing how I felt in my own body and going from there). Over time my yoga practice deepened and as I progressed in the physical aspect of yoga I also started to build self-confidence, self-compassion, and a deeper awareness of how my body and mind worked. I started feeling so much more capable in my own body.

The relationship I had with myself completely changed. I went from only being thankful for my body when it looked nice, to being endlessly grateful for what my body enabled me to do. This mental shift allowed me to let go of so many worries over how I ‘should’ look and allowed me to focus on how I felt instead. It was such a big relief.

My yoga self-practice still cultivates so much joy, empowerment, and ease in my life. It’s a ritual I come back to where I can be creative, explore myself, de-stress and calm myself after a busy day, build strength, balance and flexibility so I can move more freely. It’s a place where I can get to know myself and how I react to different situations. It’s a place where I met myself again over and over and tune in.

So now I help passionate, curious humans like yourself to find your own joy, empowerment, and self-compassion by starting a fulfilling yoga or handstand practice that will make you grow with soul in your practice and in your life.