Yoga Props

The props, tools, and clothes I use & love


If you’re just starting out and don’t want to spend a lot of money upfront, get the bare minimum! It doesn’t cost much to buy a yoga mat in department stores and you can be creative with the rest! Books can work as makeshift yoga blocks, belts as makeshift yoga straps, etc. Practicing yoga doesn’t have to cost anything. 

If you’re ready to invest in quality yoga gear this page includes some of my personal favourites.


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Yoga Wear

My favourite yoga leggings, tops, bras…

Purple lavendar mukishoes sneakers made sustainably and from natural materials discount code: CAMI10 for 10% off


Why I love Mukishoes: they create barefoot shoes, that are flexible enough for movement but still look stylish! They’re comfortable, eco-friendly, made from natural materials, and super cute! The brand is owned by two amazing women that come from a yoga and dancing background. I’ve been wearing their shoes non-stop since I got my first pair in 2020. I use them as sneaks, for acrobatics, yoga, trekking and everyday life!
Get 10% off discount code: CAMI10

Moonchild Yoga Wear Discount Code

Moonchild Yoga Wear

Why I love Moonchild Yoga Wear: they’re comfortable, eco-friendly, and beautiful. I’ve been wearing them since 2018 for yoga, acrobatics, running, trekking, and lounging at home.
Get 15% off discount code: CAMIM15

Moonchild Yoga Wear Discount Code Leggings Athlectic wear in yellow

Moonchild Yoga Wear

Seamless leggings in colour dandelion. Soft and comfortable second-skin feel.
Get 15% off discount code: CAMIM15

Vayumudra Discount Code Yoga Wear

Vayumudra Yoga

Why I love Vayumudra: their n.a.k.e.d collection feels like a second skin. Their yoga wear is comfortable, affordable, simple, and cute. You’ll never be distracted by a wardrobe malfunction ever again if you practice yoga wearing Vayumudra.
Get 15% off discount code: CAMILLAMIIA15


Free People Movement Yoga Top Discount

Free People Movement

Why I love Free People: their clothes are cute, bohemian, unique, and comfortable.

Yoga pants tie dye from Moonchild Yoga Wear with discount to get 15% off

Moonchild Yoga Wear

Illusion leggings in cool tie dye prints. Comfortable and soft.
Get 15% off discount code: CAMIM15

Organic Basics Yoga SilverTech™ Active Leggings

Organic Basics

Why I love Organic Basics: their clothes are so soft, eco-friendly, and produced ethically.

Lululemon Discount Code


Why I love Lululemon: their Align Pants are buttery-soft and their yoga bras have beautiful designs. They are comfortable, cute, practical, and they have a wide range of muted and vibrant colours.

K-DEER Yoga Legging in Emmie Stripe


Why I love K-DEER: their designs are unique and playful. They’re great for any type of movement and sweat proof. 

Lululemon sports bra energy bra long line vibrant colour recommended yoga outfit

Lululemon Energy Bra

These sports bras come in many different colours. They’re super cute and comfortable to wear.

Moonchild Yoga Wear Discount Code for Seamless Top and Leggings

Moonchild Yoga Wear

Seamless yoga top in marsala colour. It’s comfortable and soft.
Get 15% off discount code: CAMIM15



Yoga Props

My favourite yoga mat, blocks, strap, bolster, wheel…


Favourite Yoga Mats

Moonchild Yoga Wear mat promo code to get 15% off discount

Moonchild Yoga Wear Mats

I’ve been practicing on Moonchild Yoga Wear’s yoga mat since 2018. It’s a sticky mat and keeps its stickyness even when it becomes wet and sweaty. It’s beautifully designed with a print of the cycles of the moon and it comes in black, blue, grey, and rose colours.
Get 15% off discount code: CAMIM15

Jade Yoga Harmony Mat eco-friendly and sustainable yoga mat

Jade Yoga Harmony Mat

I’ve been practicing on Jade Yoga’s harmony mat since 2018. It’s a thick rubber mat and keeps the majority of its stickyness when it becomes wet and sweaty. The thick mat provides a great cushion for the knees and the rest of the body in the different yoga poses. It comes in heaps of different muted and vibrant colours. It also comes in different lengths which is super nice for tall people like me!

Favourite Yoga Props

Gaiam foam yoga block discount

Gaiam Foam Yoga Block

Gaiam’s foam yoga blocks are the only ones I’ve owned. They’re a bit bigger than regular blocks, which is quite nice because it makes them easier to use. They’re super light and comes in a variety of different colours.

Gaiam Yoga Strap

Gaiam Yoga Strap

I’ve always preferred yoga straps with a metal buckle over plastic ones because they’re more user friendly and last longer. Gaiam’s yoga straps come in different colours and lengths.

Gaiam Yoga Bolster Premium

Gaiam Yoga Premium Round Bolster

Big and sturdy bolster perfect as cushioning in restorative and reclined yoga poses.


Massage balls for neck tension and myofascial release. Lacrosse balls to use for foam rolling and releasing and relieving tight and sore muscles


Massage Balls

Massage lacrosse balls are so great for relieving sore and tense muscles. I use these all the time to release tension in my upper back after a full day of sitting in front of a desk. They’re great for myofascial release and trigger point massage.

Foam Roller myofascial release and well-being release sore and tense muscles

Foam Roller

Foam Rollers are also great for myofascial release and to relieve tension in sore and tense muscles.

Gaiam cork Yoga Brick discount yoga wear

Gaiam Yoga Cork Brick

The cork brick is more sturdy and great if you’re looking for mroe solid support in balancing postures.

Gaiam Yoga Wheel discount

Gaiam Cork Yoga Wheel

A yoga wheel is great for opening up your upper spine and shoulders. It’s helped me find lots more comfort and ease in my backbends to use a yoga wheel. It’s also fun to balance on and you can do some super tough core exercises using a yoga wheel too.

FeetUp ® Trainer inversion chair for yoga, acroyoga, and inversions.

FeetUp® Trainer Trainer

The FeetUp® Trainer is an inversion chair, that helps take your practice upside down whilst sparing the head and wrists from carrying the weight. It’s fun and it’s great for building body awareness upside down to improve your balance in yoga, handstands, and acroyoga.

Gaiam Yoga Bolster Meditation Pillow

Gaiam Yoga Premium Rectangular Bolster

Flat, rectangular bolster very suitable as a meditation cushion or for reclined yoga poses that need less support.

Resistance Bands for yoga

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are so great to use because you can incorporate pulling movements into your yoga practice to make it much more functional. Kathryn Bruni Young has some great yoga classes with resistance bands online, like this one. Your shoulders will thank you if you use resistance bands!



Handstand Tools

My favourite handstand canes, blocks, parallettes…

Handstand wooden parallettes for arm balances, hand balancing, and calisthenics such as dips and push-ups

Wooden Handstand Parallettes

Practicing handstands on parallettes provides a nice way to change up your handstand practice and give your wrist a different kind of load if you’re dealing with wrist pain. I use small, wooden parallettes such as these at home.

Wooden Handstand Blocks for practicing arm balance drills and advanced handstand drills

Wooden Handstand Blocks

Practicing handstands on blocks provides a nice way to change up your handstand practice too! Handstanding becomes slightly easier because you can grip around the sides of the block. The blocks can be used for all sorts of handstand drills too.

Handstand wooden parallel bars for arm balances, hand balancing, and calisthenics such as dips and push-ups

Wooden Handstand Parallel Bars

If you’re looking for longer parallel bars, these ones come in two different lengths.

Handstand canes wooden yoga prop

Handstand Canes

Practicing handstands on canes is great for learning new tricks, since it’s easier to balance on canes. You can buy handstand canes through the link below but I actually recommend getting custom made, collapsable ones if you want to be able to bring them along with you.



Yoga Books

My favourite yoga, meditation, and movement-related books…

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Sri Swami Satchidananda

Eastern Body Western Mind Yoga book about the chakra system. One of the best yoga books out there.

Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith

Yoga for Everyone: 50 Poses For Every Type of Body

Yoga for Everyone: 50 Poses For Every Type of Body by Dianne Bondy

Best yoga books: Yoga Anatomy By Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews

Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews

Tantra illuminated yoga book

Tantra Illuminated by Christopher D. Wallis

Waking Up by Sam Harris - A meditation, mindfulness, and yoga related book

Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion by Sam Harris

B. K. S. Iyengar Light on Yoga book, which is one of the best yoga books for beginners

Light on Yoga by B. K. S. Iyengar

Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman about health, the body and movement book.

Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman

Bodyfulness by Christine Caldwell. A book about embodiment, yoga, spirituality, presence, mindfulness, and personal growth.

Bodyfulness: Somatic Practices for Presence, Empowerment, and Waking Up in This Life by Christine Caldwell