I graduated and now offer physiotherapy in Copenhagen!

Two days ago I graduated from my 3.5 year degree in physiotherapy! I couldn’t be more relieved to have finished. I’m so very excited to use this education to support me in doing what I love – helping people to feel free and empowered in their bodies. That’s why I’m now offering Physiotherapy in Copenhagen <3

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It’s been a while. So here’s a little bit about me:

My name is Camilla. I graduated as a physiotherapist from Københavns Professionshøjskole just two days ago! I’m such a big nerd when it comes to movement, health, and well-being that I’m also currently studying a part-time masters degree in Osteopathy. This summer I’m finishing my 2nd year (out of 4) with the European School of Osteopathy.

In my free time I LOVE to play around with movement! You’ll find me doing standing acrobatics with friends, hosting handstand meet-ups on a square in Copenhagen, or playing around with floorwork, mobility, parkour, contact improvisation, yoga, and dance.

My love for movement really took off when I found yoga in 2017 (as an adult). Back then I discovered how empowering it can be to feel strong and mobile. It helped me feel much more at home in my body! That feeling is so valuable to me and I strive to help other people find that for themselves.

Teaching and Physiotherapy Treatment

I have been teaching various forms of movement for the past 6 years. Anywhere from movement studios to festivals, folk high schools (“højskoler” as we say in Danish 😉 ), and private groups and 1:1 sessions. I have extensive education and experience in yoga, acrobatics, handstands, mobility / flexibility, and the nervous system. I will soon offer physiotherapy in Copenhagen drawing from my experience. My treatments include movement training and manual treatment techniques from osteopathy.

Whether in group classes or 1:1 sessions, my greatest desire and motivation is to help people feel alive, free, and empowered in their own bodies. My approach to physiotherapy is holistic. I focus on the person as a whole and the connection between breath, mind, and body.

My Treatments

I use all my experience within body, movement and breath from my physiotherapy degree and my background as a movement teacher to help people improve strength, mobility, body-awareness and find a sense of ease. I include osteopathy techniques such as joint mobilisations, myofascial release, visceral mobilisation, and soft tissue technique to aid the body in healing itself. The treatment can result in an experience of full and free breathing, a better grounding, increased mobility and strength, and a lightness in the body.

These sessions are for those who are curious about their body’s patterns and wish for more flow and freedom. Whether you have pain, an injury, struggle with stress, headaches, or you simply want to enhance your connection with yourself, you are welcome. Just as you are.

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Are you’re looking for physiotherapy in Copenhagen? If you feel a calling, you are so welcome to reach out to me.

Curious about my background? You can find more details below 😉

Education & Certifications

3.5 years Physiotherapy Bachelor’s – Københavns Professionshøjskole 2020-2024

200h Standing Acrobatics – Pitch Catch Circus, October-November 2022

16h Modern Methods of Mobility – Emmet Louis, March 2022

6h Handstands – Mikael Kristiansen, October 2021

8h Flow Acrobatics – Kenan Dinkelmann, September 2021

40h Parkour, Movement, Dance – Martin Kallesøe, August 2021

40h Functional Movement – Marcus Grandjean + Morten Vinther, July 2020

12h Mindful Strength – Kathryn Bruni Young, November 2019

175h Partner Acrobatics & Acro Yoga – Partner Acrobatics, August 2019

30h Transformative Sequencing – The Yoga Flat, May 2019

20h Mobility – Level Op, April 2019

6h Handstands – Yuval Ayalon, September 2018

30h Yin Yoga – Yogini Yoga, September 2018

200h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher – Bodhi Yoga Academy, July 2018

That’s all for now! Thanks so much for stopping by my little online home <3 and if you need physiotherapy in Copenhagen, you know where to find me 🙂

All the best,
Cami xo

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