So, you stepped onto the yoga mat – and what do you know, the act of practicing yoga really did become a regular part of your life.

This is the part where you look back, blinking and a bit stunned and realise ‘oh, ok, I’m doing this and I’ve actually made progress since I started my yoga journey. You’re a few months, maybe a year, into your yoga journey and practice once or a couple of times a week and you have to admit it’s all starting to happen. You’re doing sun salutations without feeling tight in every posture, downdog finally feels like a resting pose, perhaps you are beginning to flow on your own, and you even get the occasional warmth of belief in your own abilities. At this point in my yoga journey I found myself getting a little restless in my practice because I was still practicing yoga the way I did when I started out – now the poses that once were challenging in your practice have become easier and you feel like need to make changes to deepen your practice and keep growing. It’s time to mix it all up a little, try out new breathing and meditation techniques and incorporate more advanced postures and transitions into your yoga practice! Here are some thoughts and some niggles that might be bothering you:

  • Can I maintain this? How can I maintain this?
  • How do I practice yoga on my own without getting hurt or injured?
  • I want to deepen my practice, but how do I do that?
  • Am I doing all of the poses the right way?
  • How do I find the courage to go upside down?
  • I should practice the way that person is doing it..
  • I feel like I’m always practicing the same things, how do I change it up so I can continue learning?
  • There is a lot of different advice to be following
  • Am I good enough?

You know what? You’ve gotten this far on your yoga journey, there’s no reason at all you can’t continue to evolve in your yoga practice. Here are some resources and blog posts that I’ve made especially to help you.


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A 7 day guide to start a yoga self-practice

Have you ever felt like your yoga potential is going untapped?
Perhaps you look at others and wonder how they get the motivation to practice yoga regularly?
Or you drool over instagram yoga videos and wonder how on earth they do it?

These are the questions I get asked the most: can you give me any tips? And my answer is always, YES, but we’d need a whole week just to cover the basics!

So, here is that week.

Whether you want to practice yoga to build self-confidence, get stronger/ more flexible, de-stress and calm down after a busy day, or learn to handstand for the fun of it, establishing a fulfilling yoga self-practice is the first step to achieve any of those things.

If you’re looking to create a consistent yoga practice, get the inspiration to know which poses to practice, want tools to fit yoga into a busy schedule, and need tips on how to flow on your own, you’re in the right place.

In 7 days and 7 challenges, you will establish your yoga self-practice in a way that creates a lasting and fulfilling ritual in your life that will cultivate more joy, empowerment, and peace in your life.


Come behind the curtain..

Every once in a while I write an letter to my community lifting the curtain on the behind the scenes of my yoga practice – I share any a-ha moments I had in my yoga practice (both on and off the mat), problems overcome and how, as well as what I’ve been reading, watching and listening to that month. Subscribers also hear about new things (and receive free ebooks + get discount codes!) before anyone else.

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Camilla Mia sitting in a meditation cross-legged position on the floor in Bali during her yoga teacher training.